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Yesterday I saw your show in Baton Rogue, LA and let me tell you me and my family were blown away by your magic. I have seen many shows in my life, but not many times you can see anyone with such passion for their art. -Wilhelm von Mayer

"We saw your show a year or more ago at Citrus College, what a bargain!  Of course the kids loved the show but us adults were TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY.  We are still talking about it, we're disappointed you weren't scheduled this year and are hoping to catch you somewhere close by soon.  For entertainment I rank you up with Lion King Live and skill of that with the Chinese acrobats.  For interactive fun, you're tops." --Pamela Makiyama, Monrovia, CA

Talk about RHYTHM: WOW. Flexibility, disciplined, constant-practice, etc. ...a ‘GIVEN’, as well as EXTRAORDINARY, yet....for me personally it’s your ‘beyond-belief’ sense-of-rhythm, that is ‘my cup of tea’ about your performances. Thank you and ACCOLADES to you both. --Jeanne Winemiller, Interlochen, MI

"Your show was FANTASTIC!!! I just saw your show at the Broward Center of Performing Arts. What beautiful forms of the human body! Your show was very entertaining.  The next time you're in town, I'm taking the whole family. Thanks for an intriguing evening. I also loved your sassy humor!" --Debbie  :o) Sunrise, FL

"Just caught your show today and want you to know how delighted we were with your performance. What a surprisingly entertaining combination of light, music, humor and physical presentation." --Linda Thrower, Clovis, NM

"My 7 year old son and his friend were really amazed at all of the 'glowing things' you did. My 40 year old husband was not to thrilled to be going to a 'theater' outing. I told im it was good exposure going to the theater and arts for both him and our son!!! He was just as thrilled by the time we left as the boys were. What an exciting performance. I was amazed how STRONG both of you were. You did a geart job and it was entertaining for the whole family." --Betty, Dayton, OH

"Awesome show!!!  Having just seen Cirque de Soleil in San Francisco, I feel the comparison is unfair----to you that is.  Your show was much more captivating, unique and entertaining. " --Brad Piatt, San Francisco, CA

"You guys were great! I lived in Vegas for three years before moving here (we’re military), so I had the opportunity to see almost all the shows there. You could definitely do well in Las Vegas, I’m sure! Your act was so entertaining, and I really appreciated how it was presented in a tasteful manner.  Thanks for brightening our day!" --Cathy Kossler, Clovis, NM

"What a fabulous show you put on!! My daughter and I absolutely loved your performance. It is such a unique blend of physical strength, rainbows of color and comedy -- you are both very talented. I really liked how you included the audience with the ping pong ball launching -- that was a huge hit." --Michele Berg, Pittsburgh, PA

"Hello! We just returned from your show.  We were very impressed.  We have had the good fortune and blessing to have seen many wonderful stage shows over the past 15 years.  We feel your show is right up there with the best!!  Every segment was so creative and very entertaining."  --Kelly Good, Chino Hills, CA

"You truly make the imagination of our brains work overtime and it also stimulates the audience to try something that is ordinary and make fun of it. Ricky came home and showed his Dad how you did your show. It was so awesome to see a small fry leap around with a bucket here and a sword and try the acts you presented. THANK YOU. We want to see you two again. Hats off to you on your road to opening doors to the brains of our youth." --Debbie Litz, Ft Lauderdale, FL

"I am a Registered Nurse/Personal trainer/ group fitness instructor and I teach my son's kindergarten P.E. class. One of my group classes is primarily elderly. I loved your wild ideas for fitness and fun and my son loved it too. Thanks for trying to get people off their behinds and into action. Your strength and abilities are amazing. I am still shaking my head" :) --Kathy V., Ames, IA

"I am 11 years old and I play basketball. I'm really tring to get in shape. Julia, when I saw you, you really inspired me and let me know that I can be fit. ...I guess I just wanted to let you know how much your show had an impact on my life and the lives of many others. I hope that you continue to do this for people." --Brianna VanNoy, OH

"I told the director of the Pittsburgh International Children's Theater that you were one of the best acts we have seen since subscribing 9 years ago! Thanks again for a wonderful show (all 3 kids were able to leave the auditorium with ping-pong balls). They were thrilled!" --Kate Wulf, Pittsburgh, PA